I don't think this post is completely honest. Our Gold Sponsors. Yes No. Is totally out of your local houston, the tale. I refused to settle for less. My decision was to approach 5 attractive girls every day for a year. Add Opinion. I had to change the way I saw and reacted to women in general. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.


They get complimented all the time! Lol you have no idea. Being good looking doesn't mean you always were or that youi're insecure. Especially if you do get complimented a lot then your appearence is a primary focus and can make you even more insecure. I am considered fairly "pretty" but I am deeeeeply insecure, because I was awkward when I was a kid and thus still feel that way. Many girls are. Its not as simple as "omg I'm beautiful everyone says so" lol. I don't know how to explain this to you in terms that make sense, but it doesn't its just how people are. Take Megan Fox for example, She's painfully insecure and went and got all this plastic surgery when she was flawless to begin with. What a person sees in the mirror isn't the same as what others see. Self esteem works in interesting ways. Plus, insecurity is what leads to giving in to industry pressures anyway lol.

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