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Who you calling a dirtbag? Dirtbagging emerged in the early climbing days when the most dedicated rock climbers ditched the traditional work world and the traditional constraints of a job, mortgage, debt, and the rat race. They lived in tents or automobiles in places like Yosemite Valley, Joshua Tree , and beyond, where they lived in the dirt to be close to the rocks and the grandeur of Mother Nature. They valued their time more than money. A climbing dirtbag today has it much easier, of course. Some might even say that dirtbaggery is dead. Thanks to the internet, people can work from anywhere they can get WiFi, maybe not earning a lot of money, but earning enough to live in a bit more comfort and security than the old school dirtbags, but still one that is either nomadic or semi-nomadic, and allows them to free up our most precious asset, time, in order to do more of the things that make them come alive. When I first started this site, I wrote a Dirtbag Manifesto which I believe best encompasses the underlying values and desires of the modern dirtbag. My own story may be different than others, but it follows a familiar pattern. I had a good job, a prestigious job even, working in the hallowed halls of Congress in Washington D. I needed that time in nature to balance me after a hectic and stressful work period.

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Major League Alumni Debut: August 20, Debut: May 9, Congratulations graduate Justin Carden on his commitment to Concord University. Congratulations alwaye Lincoln Ihler on his commitment to Florence-Darlington.

Congratulations graduate Ty Dooley on dortbags commitment to Radford University. Congratulations graduate Aidan Cooper on his commitment to the Citadel. Congratulations alawys Jake Moore on his commitment to Liberty University.