That change alone brightens her complexion and demeanor. Mickey and Ian are truly meant for each other. Meanwhile, Laura Slade Wiggins the actress who played Karen looks squeaky clean. Madison Davenport played Ethel, and she is quite lovely. The former Tough Enough contestant also shared her opinion on WWE continuing business despite the pandemic. She has a heart-shaped face, clear skin and flowing chocolate brown hair. Linda is dowdy with her minimal makeup, covered hair and layered clothing. Who knew she had hips, a bulging bust line and plump cheeks? What really blows audiences away, though, is what the actor who plays him Noel Fischer looks like in real life.


The Gallagher Family has been through a whole lot on Shameless. From an alcoholic father to a mother who has abandoned the kids at an early age, this family doesn't seem to have a whole lot going for them. What they lack in stability and financial support, they make up for in their romantic relationships Well, sometimes. While some of the relationships on Shameless are beautiful and goal-worthy, others are absolute disasters that the world's best couples counselor couldn't dare attempt to fix. During the course of all nine seasons on the show, who were some of the best couples on Shameless and who were some of the worst? Read the list below to find out! Back in season 2, Dottie otherwise known offensively as "Butter Face" by the men at the bar , was on the cusp of death. She had a bad heart that would explode if her heart rate went above a certain level. When Dottie's heart monitor went off indicating she needed to rush to the hospital to get the transplant surgery she needed to survive, Frank never told her it went off even though he heard it beep. So basically, he killed Dottie. We knew Frank was a total a-hole, but we didn't know until that point that he was literally willing to have someone die for his own benefit. Dottie deserved much better in her final days.

And of course we always enjoy throwbacks, like Baywatch and Saved kife the Bell. The show has a huge cult following, and deservedly so. It follows the ups and downs of the Gallagher family. They are a blue collar, white trash bunch of Irish American folk living on the South Side of Chicago. If you are a fan of the show, then you will love this list. It counts down all the skeevy characters of Shameless and shows what they look like in real life. The transformations are astounding. Usually actors look better on-camera than off, but Shameless is not your typical series, and these are not your typical actors.

They are both great anf and each interpreted the role with their own special style; but Levy was first and so people are very attached to kife. On the show, Levy is skeevy is the nth degree. She always wears mini-skirts with ripped tights and mid-rise boots, no matter how cold it is on the South Side of Chicago. In real life, Levy is a stunner.

She has delicate features, pearlescent skin and poses gracefully. What a transformation! At least she can walk down the street without getting recognized.

Mandy 2, played by Emma Greenwell, is just as trashy looking as Mandy 1. She has hard facial features, unforgiving dark hair with a blunt cut, and the color palette of her clothing screams drab and depressed.

So mahdy are often shocked to see how pretty she is in real life. Greenwell looks gorgeous as a blonde. That change alone brightens her complexion and demeanor. And with the right clothing, her thin figure is morphed into a amd one. Who knew she had hips, a bulging bust line and plump cheeks? What a pleasant surprise! She probably smells like a mix of urine, a Drakkar Noir knock-off and Funyons.

In reality, the actress that portrays her is named Emily Bergl and is as pretty as a picture. She has angelic features, including a bright smile, sparkling brown eyes and bouncy hair. Even her more info is soft and feminine. She was removed from her home by social services as she was in a predatory marriage with a much older man.

She had several sister-wives, and one young son — all by her mid-teens. She was placed as a foster child at the home of V and Kev.

Ethel is the epitome of plainness with her old fashioned hairstyle, homespun dresses and lack of culture. No one would ever consider her attractive. When we see Ethel in real life, we can better manyd what Malik saw in her. Madison Davenport played Ethel, and she is quite lovely.

She has a manfy face, clear skin and flowing chocolate visit web page hair. Her body is shapely, and her smile can light up the room. Davenport gives hope to Mormon girls everywhere. Mickey is a hard sell as a character. His hair is dark, which is stark contrast to his pale skin which makes him look sickly.

His skinny frame is exacerbated by the dingy wife beater shirts he wears. And he just looks dirty. Over time, audiences were bewildered to learn that he is actually a sensitive guy, and can be counted on even in the harshest of times.

What really blows audiences away, though, is what the actor maney plays him Noel Fischer looks like in real life. He has perfectly coiffed strawberry blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and mannerisms. Talk about a ! Karen, Karen, Karen. What a hot mess. So all we will say is that her physical appearance tends to mirror her mental state of mind.

When the show starts, she looks like a typical girl-next-door type. Karen eventually runs away from home, and when she does her hair is blonde again, but she wears it in a messy style that mimics her emotional age.

Meanwhile, Laura Slade Wiggins the actress who played Karen looks squeaky clean. She has a bubbly smile, perky breasts and — most of more info — gorgeous hair! Jody is an interesting character, played by actor Zach McGowan. He has a background of being an emotionless sex addict who seems like the perfect match for Karen.

Karen initially brought Jody home rreal scare her family, but in the end he scared her by turning out to be a good guy. His long hair and tank tops cating just comical, and his eyebrow scar just seems put-on. Jody has all the things a guy needs to be hot, but falls short rae his execution.

Need proof? Just check out his work on Black Sails. He rocks the pirate look better than Errol Flynn and probably gets just as many chicks.

She looked ard like a recovering drug addict — because she was. Her hair was pulled back datkng often than not, which highlighted a sloping brow, thin chin and dead annd. The actress that landed this role is manxy Alessandra Balazs, and in real life she is the exact opposite of the unfortunate Jackie. Her skin glows, her lips are pink and pouty, and her body is toned. Queenie resembles a rsal of an aging Debbie Harry. Her hippie-dippie clothing often makes her look like a bag lady, which is decidedly unattractive.

The role was originally intended for victoria dating horsham icon Kelly LeBrockbut went this web page actress Sherilynn Fenn instead. Are mandy and lip dating in real life was hot stuff in the 80s and 90s, as evidenced by her younger pic.

In ilp days, she was pin thin with ample breasts, bedroom are mandy and lip dating in real life and full lips. She is most well-known for starring on Twin Peaks and for dating Johnny Depp. Fenn and Depp were hot and heavy, and were even engaged at one point in time. We can see what piqued his interest. And article source makes us wonder what style Isidora Goreshter has off-camera.

Close-up shots reveal that she has gorgeous green eyes, chiseled cheekbones and angelic lips. She has such charisma that the Internet is rife with rumors of her hooking up with Shailene Woodley. Linda is dowdy with her minimal makeup, covered hair and layered clothing.

Meanwhile, Moreau is quite fetching in real ad. At 39 years old she still looks fresh-faced and has a trim figure. On ShamelessAn is half hipster, half nerd, and all trouble. Add to that the fact that she is constantly harping about something, and fans of the show find her unattractive on the inside as well. In contrast, Bloom is a very pretty girl. Are mandy and lip dating in real life has a petite frame, porcelain skin and shiny brown hair. Her xating twinkle, her mouth is seductive and she knows how to work it in front of the camera.

Who knew?! His hair is always a mess, free dating single parents uk eyes are frequently bloodshot, and his clothing looks straight out of the rummage bin from the Salvation Army. But Lip has won over faithful fans time and time datinng. In the right light his facial features are sharp, mwndy eyes are deep, and his hair is combed.

Lip cleans up well! With honest to goodness looks like sre, his career is sure to go ard. She has daddy issues, difficulty finding friends, and ultimately winds up as an unwed teen-age mother. She is often frustrated by her looks, as she pales in comparison to other girls. Mandh feel bad for her — and even more so for her baby daughter. Emma Kenney is a talented actress who plays the role perfectly.

That said, no one was prepared for how good looking she is off-set. With just a little bit of makeup and the right lighting, Kenney is able to show off her best features.

Fiona is the star of the show, and of the Gallagher family. Funny, smart and cunning, she is the whole package. But fans of hers are often frustrated by how skeevy she tends to look.

Emmy Rossum portrays Fiona perfectly, so people knife crane a dating kissing forget how beautiful she truly is.