It is not a sales meeting. We hope you found this information helpful. Call Bohm Wildish at to discuss any possible repercussions that could result from your actions or to get the best advice possible concerning your situation. Join millions of Americans in starting your divorce online. In these cases, you do not need to prove anyone was at fault or accuse anyone of cheating to get the divorce. In those cases, the person claiming their spouse was unfaithful must prove the adultery in court to get divorced. Send Message.


Life is messy, complicated, and for the most part, unpredictable. You may have married your spouse with the feeling that there could not possibly be anyone else for you. Years later, you now realize that the person you married is no longer the right one for you, and you find yourself in the middle of a divorce and custody battle. You just want it to end so you can start writing the next chapter of your life. Then along comes the new Mr. Should you go for it, or will starting that next chapter affect the outcome of your case? This means that the court does not concern itself with arguments over why the marriage failed. Instead, the courts recognize two official reasons for a divorce: the incurable insanity of one of the spouses, or irreconcilable differences between the spouses. Though you are getting a divorce, a new relationship would be considered an extramarital affair until your divorce is final. Under a no-fault system, though, adultery is not a consideration for the court when it decides to grant a divorce. The court has some discretion on awarding spousal support , but the purpose of it is not to punish a spouse for his or her wrongdoing. Custody battles are often about how you conduct yourself around your child. While the court will not penalize you for dating someone new when it determines spousal support payments, a new dating relationship could have an effect on whether you are awarded custody of your child. The court will look at your current relationships to determine whether you are a good judge of the character of the people you bring around your home.

In fact, some states frown so heavily on dating during a divorce that it can impact alimony spousal xivorce awards. What does California law say about dating during a divorce? If you decide to see someone california dating during divorce your divorce is still pending for six or more months, will it be considered cheating and can it impact spousal support, property division, or please click for source custodyor all the above?

While some states frown upon dating during a divorce and punish dating spouses, that is not the case in California. As a no-fault divorce state, California judges are not concerned with spouses who date while their divorces are pending in the courts. Generally, dating or having sexual relations with someone during a California divorce are non-issues and will not impact the divorce.

We hope you found this information helpful. Married couples have an obligation to financially support each other during their marriage and under certain circumstances, When couples head toward divorce, usually the first things on their minds california dating during divorce child custody and property division. For the California is a No-Fault Divorce State While some states frown upon dating during a californua and punish dating spouses, that is not the case in Https:// Be discreet.

Avoid sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram of you and your dates. Avoid taking your dates to places that your spouse frequents regularly.

Be honest divvorce your marital status with your dates. If you have minor children, avoid dating on calufornia nights with the kids. Instead, wait until your spouse divorec the children. Categories Divorce Divorce Tips.

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