All dating histories are fact-checked and confirmed by our users. You've made an account for this? Write here or in PM. Add a comment Cancel reply Your email will not be published. He has not been previously engaged. They only hosted together as a team no? I accept. After releasing side by side comparisons of the images, it was confirmed that they were taken in the same locations and posted on similar dates.


A new J-ent couple is here and many shipper fans will be thrilled. J-actress Komatsu Nana and J-actor Suda Masaki have confirmed that they are dating after their most recent romance movie together Tapestry in They also did an earlier romance movie Oboreru Knife in and their pairing has tons of fans. Komatus Nana was linked romantically with K-pop idol G-Dragon but the two never confirmed. Congrats to this new public relationship, wishing them happiness together. How sweet! Masaki Suda has come such a long way ever since Kamen Rider:W! Wishing them happiness and good health. They are so cute together! Their chemistry is great as well even in stills in magazines, interviews etc. Wishing them well? I have been shipping them together since I watched Oboreru Knife!

Evidence suspicious of Nana and Chanyeol are indicating that these two people dating. You've made an account for this? They were together in a tv-show, is normal they were close, friendly. Please do my assignment for me if you have this much time in your hands. I need to watch the SMAs.

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Recommended Posts. Posted January 22, Chanyeol are talking secretly with Nana at all. Chanyeol gave his napkin to Here Because Nana's cried.

Nana had invited Chanyeol to eat sausage at shop. Chanyeol's phone have Orange Caramel's Song. Nana was asked to Baekhyun, So Chanyeol had told Nana before? Chanyeol and Nana are same style in Datong. Chanyeol wearing the same chanyeol and nana dating confirmed with Nana.

Chanyeol wearing the same bracelet with Nana. Chanyeol use same towel with Nana. Chanyeol drawing a heart on Nana's bag. Chanyeol cheered Nana and He said "Nana Nana!! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

You have way too much time on your confirmmed. Go do something useful with it. How long did this take to do? Nana is just being friendly. Please ban this user for sex dating after an account with stupid and immature intentions.

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