So it takes longer before there is definite change. Problem Posting - Just Me? Unless you're aging for very long time, the seal should be fine for few years. Favorite Cigarillos. I want to find out for sure. Sub-forums Sub-forums Home Blending. Consignment Tins. I've read almost universally that it is far better aged. PS Props to antb for adding a few solid links


The Briar Patch Pipe Forum. General Dating Tobacco Tins. Briar Patch Town Square. Reply General Dating Tobacco Tins. Hi I know this topic comes up from time to time in many forums. Still it would be nice to have one thread where we pull our collective knowledge to help each other date tobacco tins;a place to put forward and respectfully correct information. For now I will start with two links; A. December present Samuel Gawith Tin Codes: www. PS Personally I date every tobacco with an arrival time and note the date of manufacture as well, that is if I can find or decode the manufacturer's date. Thanks for the tips Pistol Pete Pro Member.

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Password Forgot your password? Stay logged in. Search on Site Search Search. Categories Ask G. Recent Posts. Status Not open for further replies. Dec 2, 0. If that's the case, I should leave it in the tin rather than jar it for aging, as opening the tin would stop the aging that has been going on for almost two years.

I know that some companies, such as GLP, date their tins and some do not. I know that many people jar new tobacco for aging, but is it common for new tins to already have a year or two of age on the, as this Mac Baren tin seems to? Do you speed dating timer factor this in when you jar for aging?

I am a little leary of the seal on square tins, though. Dec 8, Maryland USA. Dating mac baren tins leave mine tinned until opened. Unless you're aging for very long time, the seal should be fine for few years. Dec 25, 2, 68 Columbus, Ohio. These tins keep their seal well, I have not had one go bad yet. I would it in the tin and buy bulk to jar up.

The tins will start to rust though but Mac Baren did not think this was a big deal and it will probably be another couple years before you would have to worry it. The date on the back is when it was tinned from what I understand.

Another thing about ODF is after its been open for a couple weeks, you will notice a huge improvement in flavor. Its good out of the tin but give it some air time and its much better. Mar 20, 1, 0. Square tins don't hold up as well as round ones. If you aren't going to smoke that particular blend for a year you'll be fine but for any longer, if it were me, I'd pop it, smoke some or all of it. If you don't consume it in a reasonable amount of time just jar it in a mason jar. The seals are good on square tins but once popped they are just press on and that dries out your stash pretty quick.

ODF is one I'd not consider a blend that needs or will benefit greatly from any more additional age. It's components have seen plenty prior to tinning. Aug 20, 3, I jarred all my tins of Dating mac baren tins within a year of purchase, as they were rusting. MB puts the tin ate on the label. Top Bottom.