This is an important factor in the world of dating sites as it is assumed that once a customer has successfully found a match, they will unsubscribe. The freemium model hinges on the concept where users can sign up and use the basic functionalities of the app for free, while the app generates revenue either via advertising or unlocking enhanced features for a fee. Many of these free sites will bombard users with irrelevant or outdated advertising which is counter-productive to their objectives. But nowadays, the life of people is extremely busy. Small amounts of funding are generally not enough for the large marketing budgets that dating apps require for user acquisition. Long-term Assets. The more inventive it is, the more hype it will create among your target market.


As international travel becomes ever more affordable, more and more people are taking the opportunity to explore everything that other countries have to offer — including finding a new partner. There are many reasons for people to look for love overseas including the simple fact that many people — men in particular — desire qualities possessed by foreign women which have been lost in women from their own country. As working hours increase and overseas opportunities are opened up, it has become now just acceptable but also practical to find love in this manner. No longer just a playground for younger people, many middle-aged people and seniors are tapping into this as a way of finding love and companionship. Dating websites and apps work in a number of different ways depending on their design and set up. As a general, rule, platforms are laid out in a catalog format whereby users can browse or conduct a search for specific parameters such as age, height and body type. These are sites which are free to use for members. This means that after registering on a site, you can browse, search and contact other members without charge. Sites which offer free use for members are usually able to do so through revenue generated by advertising. Due to the rapid growth of the international dating industry, advertisers come from many different industries keen to tap into the market. In particular, airlines, visa companies, and other travel-related organizations tend to advertise on international dating platforms. These companies pay a large amount of money for their adverts to appear on a dating platform in the form of a banner or pop up and, it is this revenue which funds the dating site. These are international dating websites which charge users for membership. As a general rule, the more expensive sites are targeted at those in the high earning brackets and the charges are designed to discourage those outside of this bracket looking for a way in. Some sites target men from the USA and UK who are looking for ladies from Eastern European countries — in many cases, these sites charge a fee to the men but allow the ladies to join for free.

The Break-even Analysis indicates what is needed in monthly revenue to reach the break-even point. Please note that during the dzting of January there was a cash infusion. This was an investment that Suzie made into the business.

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Cash Sales. Additional Cash Received. Servive from Operations. Cash Spending. Additional Cash Spent. Net Cash Flow. Current Assets. Long-term Assets. Liabilities and Capital. Current Liabilities. Accounts Payable. Long-term Liabilities. Paid-in Capital. Net Worth.

Percent of Total Assets. Other Current Assets. Percent of Sales. Main Ratios. Additional Ratios. Net Profit Margin. Activity Ratios. Accounts Payable Turnover. Debt Ratios. Debt to Net Worth. Liquidity Ratios. Net Working Capital. Assets to Busihess.