Information monitoring Bearddate. We will post the terms and conditions anywhere in our page we think appropriate. Login here. This app is percent for that. Interestingly, men with a heavy day beard were ranked most attractive, where men with light stubble 5 days of growth got the lowest scores across the board from both men in women in each category. Please proceed carefully as you are entirely responsible for your interplay or communication with other members. If that means starting an existential crisis within your potential partners, then so be it.


Every November, the world is treated to an influx of men with facial hair. Thanks to both the Movember campaign and No-Shave November which have gained popularity with celebrities and random dudes alike, men are growing out their mustaches and beards to raise money and awareness for cancer prevention and men's health initiatives. If you're not a fan of furry faces, this can be a bummer, but for those who love their hirsute hunks, it's a time ripe for celebration. The history of facial hair is fascinating. It was in fashion for high-ranking men in ancient Egypt to grow hair on their chins, and both kings and queens were known to sport metal beards as signs of their sovereignty. Fast forward to the Medieval era, and English knights had special armor to make room for their mustaches , and today, in India, men part of a traditionally lower caste are posting mustache selfies to subvert the reigning social order. In short, facial hair can indeed by political and reflect cultural values, but, above all, it can be very, very sexy. If you prefer a clean-shaven face, the following is not for you. Here are six study-based reasons why women find facial hair fine AF. In a survey of nearly 2, women conducted by the dating site WhatsYourPrice. Of the 1, ladies who checked the box for bewhiskered bros, it was beards that beat out mustaches. Only 6. However, most women preferred a full facial coverup, with According to one study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Behavior , all beards are not created equal. Women rated men with light stubble as most appealing for a one-night stand , closely followed by men with heavier stubble.

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