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This feature is only available for subscribers. Please contact your EnhanceTV school administrator or email help enhancetv. Insight speaks to Australian matchmakers ready to share their trade secrets. Does true love need a helping hand or should we leave it to serendipity? And is matchmaking back? Marc Fennell takes a look at what it's like to be hacked, and how easy it is to fall victim to digital fraud. Hearing voices is not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, research shows between 10 to 25 percent of us will experience it at some point in our lives. Why do some people hear voices? Step inside the world of high-stakes negotiations, from hostage sieges, to climate change deals, Indigenous rights and navigating divorce. Expert negotiators explain how to resolve conflict, with personal stories of when things go right, when they go wrong and the techniques behind how to negotiate better. Comedian Alex Lee is pretty much scared of everything: roller coasters, scary movies, tiny planes, getting in trouble, small talk, rats, just to name a few. What's behind fear? It's high time we all found out why we let fear control us, who's to blame, and what we can do about it; Marc Fennell talks to Australian music legend Daryl Braithwaite about life after his cult classic song, The Horses.

And their success rate is remarkable. Sydney man Will Davies has taken on the role of matchmaker among his community of friends. With arranged marriage back on our radar thanks to reality TV show Married At First Sightold-fashioned matchmaking is popular again. Dates set up by community groups or through friendship networks can have a much better chance of working out, advocates say, and the remarkable results speak for themselves.

Will Davies, from Randwick in Sydney, first took on the role of matchmaker ten years ago when he set up his friends Kate and Dave.

The pair were married within a year. They have real insight sbs matchmaking things in common. But his talent for set-ups took a wrong turn. The speed-dating format insight sbs matchmaking works really well — you get a face-to-face meeting for a few minutes. There were unique meetings that night. Perhaps you can be techy and embrace this old-fashioned way of dating, too.

Once fortnight volunteer matchmakers meet up to run J-Junction, a not-for-profit matchmaking service for Jewish people in Insigbt and Melbourne.

In eight years, J-Junction has achieved incredible results: 30 ebs, 42 engagements and a handful of babies, not to mention the long-term relationships. The group of women aged from their 20s to 60s also organise dating events ct like bushwalking for matchmking members in Sydney and Melbourne.

They see their meetings as social occasions and the chance to do something for the community. So what do the experts see as the secret to the perfect match? I often see a very social girl with a quieter man. Will agrees. Anything that gets you out. People might be nervous. Insight airs tonight at 8. Log in Sign up. Log out. Video Image Insight: Matchmakers - 'I started building up a bit of a list'.

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