Kate's ex-boyfriend Dakota shows up in town and proposes to her. Nancy Johnson. Ben struggles to keep Jane's secret from Rita. Ben goes to Donovan Decker looking around for Jane and finds out that Jane's job isn't an internship like he thought. Sign In Don't have an account? Piper agrees to remain silent, if Jane will do one favor for her. Stanley Tookie Williams is best known for founding the violent Crips gang. He ends up running to tell her how he really feels, and when he finally got there and was starting to tell her, his confession gets cut short when Jeremy Jones arrives. The high school goes on a camping trip.


See high school TV and movie icons then and now, from " Buffy the Vampire Slayer " and more favorites. See the gallery. A case of mistaken identity has a dateless high school outsider living a double life as a twenty-something career girl in the fashion world. This is the best show ABC has put on air in years. I will be very disappointed in them if they do not continue this series. In fact I may stop watching ABC all together without it. Nothing else has both grabbed my attention and my emotions like the characters and plot of this series. The characters are dynamic and well thought out and the romance confusion definitely puts the icing on the cake. The numerous love triangles, mix-ups, and near disastrous situations that the female lead, Jane, encounters can grab your attention from a mile away. I would rate this TV show no less than perfection and am very, very pleased with ABC when inferring to this particular series. I hope with all my heart that they renew it and continue such a great show. Looking for something to watch?

This was the first time that Kelly addressed the situation in a public forum. Honestly, I can not come up with the words to describe how I feel about this decision… a decision that may not be what our audience thinks to be true. He will be missed. He was a past GH character, I remember. Sad to see Billy leave GH- he is nice to look at and great actor. I like the current man playing Billy Abott.

Past GH cast member. To all GH executives are you trying to get GH cancelled. You have turned all lead actors into lofe. We could have kept Billy miller! Now we have this tad guy coming??? And Kendra get rid of them and new Jordan useless! Abc stop ruining our show. I love Billy Miller but he got screwed by GH. I hope Gino and Billy find great parts better than those they were screwed out of. Recasts of leading characters on please click for source soap or any TV show, really are always a risk for everyone involved.

Well, she does have her own job to protect, so she can only say so much. But then she could have just said nothing at all, I guess. I am still trying to figure that out, so hope we get some more answers. Leave Billy in General Hospital. I liked Billy Miller a times better than the emotionless robot Steve, Billy brought emotions to the Jason character flakes online he villy a gun just as well.

Love Billy Miller! He and Kelly Monaco have much bi,ly chemistry than her other pairing. Billy Miller was screwed. But at least Kim could be a possible love interest because at last he has a family with her and Oscar, his son.

No, they killed off Oscar and had Kim get together with Julian. They jane and billy dating in real life wasted some fine talent.

I love the relationship his character has with Elizabeth. There would not be any undermining their relationship by either Carley or Sam. Spot on assessment of TPTB, namely the writers, not knowing how to write character or proper story. No thanks ABC. So bummed Billy Miller leaving! Watching GH less and less. Lifr only soap I do watch! Too bad, GH, you blew it royally.

If Kelly Monaco is so distressed, she can walk out the door with him. Her character and barely audible voice are long past their shelf life. Tired of seeing her just moping around. Can we all be honest for just a minute?? Anybody remember how Greg Vaughn got treated when he played the role of Lucky?

Yep only Tony Geary stepped in for JJ to come back! For once try running a show and tell the actors to do their job and quit letting the nuts run the asylum! I agree with you. He played a great part in Gh. And he played it good. I was so happy you two had gotten married and sad when you split.

Felt so bad for Drew. He played the part so well when his son died also. I think you and Billy should be together in real life.

I had heard that you two hang out off the show. I bet if you do you have fun together. Well enough said Good luck Billy!!! Well miss you! As well as your casts on the show! Please explain why Billy Miller is leaving.

He is awesome and he storyline ties with the Franco memories is intriguing. Losing BM is honestly my last straw. I have watched the actors on their social media posts,brag, fist bump each other and not one,with the exception of Kelly have this mans back. Between the AWFUL storylines that are drug out forever, the attitudes of the actors in real life makes me sick.

I did read that on his social media, Kin Shriner aka, Scotty… publicly issued warm farewell and best of luck wishes to Billy. Just goes to show that not everyone on GH is totally devoid of class! But you are so right about the cliquish atmosphere surrounding most of the current GH cast and their juvenile highschool-styleTwitter antics, teal seems to have trickled down from the top dogs over these past few years.

Bad enough losing Billy, but not even a goodbye to anyone, including his little girl Scout. The actor will be making a brief comeback, according to Soap Biloy Digest. Look for Robert Tristan Rogers to still be not so sure of what exactly happened to Holly, although he believes Peter August Wes Ramsey has something to do with it. As for Parsons, he originated the role of Ethan fromthe made some brief returns in and Comment below. But will she tell Sonny?

Speaking of Sonny, he goes to Turning Woods to visit Mike Jahe Gail and Mike is declining rapidly, and Sonny is trying to hold on to every luminescence dating works best on he has with his dying dad.

Later, he asks Carly what happened with Nelle? She has yet to answer. Then in a moment know one saw coming, after Neil Joe Flanigan and Alexis Nancy Lee Grahm finally admit to each other how much they want to be with each other, and missed each other, the two share a kiss and Visit web page lets him know she wants to have sex with him now.

Of course, she was a bit more subtle than that! In the morning, and after what appears to have been another round of sex. When she goes to turn him over and touch him he is very pale and cold. Alexis is stunned. It would appear that Dafing has died. Fade to black. So, what did you think of the ending of GH?

If Neil is dead, what will happen next to Alexis? He calls Carly and lets her know speed dating joburg has a lead on Nelle and is going after her. Michael gets to the cabin and is met by a vase to the head by Nelle. But when that does not work to knock Michael out, he demands to know where Wylie is. Then, and once again, Nelle brings up Carly and tells Michael that his mother will never allow that.

Michael hears Wiley cry- so he runs into the other room to be with him, while Nelle makes a run for it. This need to end now. Nelle needs to be stopped! Outside, and near the road and the cabin, Carly comes upon Nelle, and then the showdown begins. Carly tells Nelle she is going to prison for attacking Brook Billj and stealing Datng.

Nelle turns things on Carly and tells her she should have been there for her since they are sisters! Carly is quick an counter that Nelle kept pushing jane and billy dating in real life she destroys things, something Carly knows a thing or two about. Just then, Carly and Nelle get into a tussle and Nelle tells Carly to come get her! When she comes upon her Nelle has gone over an embankment, holding on for dear life … or take a terrible fall below. Did Nelle just die?

Did she plan a great datinb to blame Carly and ruin her life? We have to tune-in tomorrow to find out the upshot of this cliffhanger. What do you think will happen next? Connect with us. Share Tweet.