No religious holidays, like Christmas or Easter. This type of sheltered lifestyle keeps people inside the faith, as opposed to letting them explore different options and possibly leave the faith. Instead, they emphasize citizenship in God's heavenly kingdom. Does it happen? Shepherd the Flock of God, p Retrieved 12 July Some things, they 'must' not do.


Has that happened to you? Because it's totally happened to me. UM, some crazy stuff! Though it is relatively new, the aggressive recruitment methods and the downright scary beliefs have helped the religion gain 8 million followers already. But more on that later. Oh, and the world is constantly ending, by the way. So next time a sweet, young boy knocks on your door with a pamphlet about salvation for your soul, just remember this article Well, the Bible kind of tells them so. In the book of Genesis, God told Noah to add animal flesh to their diet, but not to drink the animal blood. There are several other instances of God commanding people to not ingest blood because God apparently views it as sacred. But like, drinking animal blood is much different from a blood transfusion, right? Also, I'm pretty sure God doesn't want you to die. They are not allowed to receive any components of blood - red cells, white cells, platelets or plasma. Blood transfusions are a different thing. Maybe the Jehovah's Witnesses need to rethink their Bible interpretations.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a people of faith that many of us likely don't know that much about. Jeovah may remember them as the people who often come to geliefs homes in order to evangelize, but do we actually know what they believe? Below are 10 facts about this group which branched off from orthodox Bellefs in the late 's. We answer the questions of how they got their start, what their core beliefs are, and how many people ascribe to this faith in the world today below.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons. Jehovah's Witnesses got their start in when a man named Charles Taze Russell started leading Bible studies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Jehovah's Witnesses movement came out of the Bible Student movement, which was also founded by Taze.

When Taze began iafrica za dating co some of the traditional views within Christianitythe Jehovah's Witnesses were born. Before this translation was released specifically by and for Jehovah's Witnesses, most relied on the King James Version. According to TowerWatch. The answer to this is no. It is one of the more major ways in which Jehovah's Witnesses differ from various Christian denominations.

See the next couple points for more details on this. Datinng Witnesses refer to the fact that the Bible never explicitly mentions the term " trinity. Jehovah's Https:// believe that Jesus is not equal with God. They teach that Jesus was created by God and not coexistent wth Him.

This, of course, is a major diversion from orthodox Christianity. The datiing believe the Holy Spirit is a force applied by God.

These comparisons all point to the datint nature of dating site holy spirit. Jehovah 's Witnesses don't celebrate Christmas or Easter, which makes sense when you remember that they don't believe Jesus is equal ddating God.

They also don't celebrate other national holidays or birthdays in an attempt to here separate from the world.

Jehovah 's Witnesses try to remain politically neutral. They don't believe in serving in politics or in the military, mainly as another way for them to distance themselves from the culture. Instead, they emphasize citizenship in God's heavenly kingdom. We do not lobby, vote for political parties or candidates, run for government office, or participate in any jehovah witness beliefs dating to change governments.

We believe that the Bible gives solid reasons for following this course," states JW. Jehovah beliesf Witnesses hold the controversial view of rejecting blood transfusions, even in life witess death situations.

Recently, Russia banned Jehovah's Witnesses and this issue jehoavh one of the reasons stated for their doing so. Acts Likewise, the Bible prohibits health treatments or procedures that include occult practices.

There are reportedly 8. They are also known for their evangelical work going door-to-door attempting to make converts. This article is part of our Denomination Series listing here facts and theological information about different factions jehovah witness beliefs dating and from the Christian religion.

We provide these articles to help you understand the distinctions between denominations including origin, leadership, doctrine, and beliefs. Explore the various characteristics of different denominations from our list below!

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