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Each year, hundreds of bills are signed into law in New York State. This summary is new york state dating laws to make it easier to find laws by the subject areas they address. Most of the laws included in this summary focus continue reading on domestic violence.

Additional laws, that are not specifically about domestic violence, have great potential to affect domestic violence victims and their children. While many laws could be placed in more than one subject category, we have attempted to place each law in the section most likely to be searched. Each subject category begins with the most recent laws and continues back to Your browser does not support iFrames. Navigation menu. Computer use can be monitored and this page will still appear in your web history.

To speak to an advocate, call or text The following links will connect you to: Summary Subject Categories How to read the summary - instructions on how to read each bill description Where to get New York State domestic violence laws - instructions on several ways to get copies of the laws and more information.