My account was hacked on day 3 and totally taken over. Original review: July 14, I am a software engineer with over 30 years of experience and have to rate this site as poor in a number of areas. Very frustrating as I have received several of these indications likes and cannot respond. Men seeking Women on LetsHangOut. Recently in , POF was acquired by new owners. Deleting unread messages - members can delete unread messages. I have met great guys that were not in my area but became good friends for years. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Friends can send private messages, send instant photo attachments and chat with each other - live!


There is some background information you need to know about POF in order to understand their recent changes, and why you will want to join our dating site instead. Background: Plenty Of Fish is probably the most famous online dating site in the world. It was one of the first and has been around for well over a decade, and has or had the most members of any other site. Markus Frind , the founder of Plenty Of Fish, was the owner of the company from when it launched in up until Anyone familiar with Plenty of Fish have probably heard of him and his dedication to offering a free dating service for everyone. Recently in , POF was acquired by new owners. Markus sold the company to Match Group , which is a massive company that owns a huge number of online dating sites, including OKCupid, Match. Many of these sites charge big monthly payments just to sign up, or they charge money for upgrading accounts so users can use more features. Many POF members do not realize that Plenty Of Fish has new owners, but they do know all about the "free" model slowly transitioning into a "paid" model. With all the major dating sites being acquired by a single company, there are fewer and fewer free sites out there. Those free sites that were acquired, are slowly turning into paid sites. Josh, a former POF member says: "I knew Plenty Of Fish was beginning to charge more money, but now I realize this isn't Markus's fault, the site is now run by a completely different company and this single company has a near-monopoly on almost all popular dating sites today, especially ones that used to be free". Recently, members there may have noticed that they can no longer search for specific usernames and rumors are spreading that this will soon become a paid feature for upgraded members only. Even more recently, visitors to the site realized that they could no longer search for members on POF at all , unless they signed up and became a registered member. They could no longer search the site anonymously as a guest - they have to be logged in.

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For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Frustrating site because although it's free, when they email you a potential match's profile name, you need to upgrade your account to see that person's profile.

So the only thing I can do is not respond to someone who thinks I am a good match, but wait until someone actually sends me a real message. A lot of guys don't do that. Also, I think the site has a lot of imposters on it. Or, there are many guys who think they are Shakespeare. Or can't write or spell at all!! Click here POF is free, I paid the extra money so I could see who read my emails, as well as other benefits.

I paid for 6-months. I immediately began corresponding with several women. Then I wasn't able to sign on anymore. I sent several emails telling POF of my issue but I never got a response back. I then googled "POF Complaints" and realized my account got hacked. I again wrote POF telling them my account got hacked and I wanted a refund. POF sends me plenty of dating website complete refund. Get buying tips about Online Dating Sites and Services delivered to plenty of dating website inbox. I was hacked on plenty of dating website sight by someone who change parts of my profile and deleted my photos.

I was getting tons of responses from other members. I contacted PoF and was able to reset my password. I had to fix what she changed in my profile and reinsert my photos.

I searched conversations she had with other members, found out her name and number and reported that to PoF. I think at this point she is not active in my account anymore. When you don't go to bar or out anywhere to meet new people, online is the best way. But also be careful and your asian dating app vancouver that a plan before you meet someone.

Have your best friend on standby in case things aren't going well. They can send you a text within 10 or 15 minutes and that can be your excuse for leaving.

Always meet in a public place too. I have met a lot of very nice people and a few here ones. I have met great guys that were not in my area but became good friends for years. I wish we were able to meet but the expense of traveling, stopped us from meeting in person. I was able to talk on phone and video chat, we got to know each other well. I am still friends with these great guys. I know if circumstances changed I would probably been with one for plenty of dating website.

I liked the fact I got to know them well and if we could have met it would have meant much more. I think it gave me a chance to meet men who just didn't want something from me but were truly interested in knowing me.

I believe always friends first. This dating website Plenty of Fish is a scam. I haven't had the account a week and you have to pay to even see your matches? Customer service sucks. The website is hard to navigate and when you do get matches again why have to pay just to look at a loser profile? I will say now to everyone do a legit dating service if you want to treated as valued customer cause to my continue reading plenty of fish has a speed dating events romford of complaints so let this sink in before you decide to go on their website.

Their customer service is horrible, someone hacked sorry, cougar dating legit apologise account stop me from accessing it, mind you I am a paid customer. The hacker changed my info to same sex.

Now I'm getting unwanted inquiries, and POF is doing nothing about. They don't protect your privacy and when account is breached they won't help you. This after they have pocketed your money. I am a software engineer with over 30 years of experience and have to rate this site as poor in a number of areas. Some of it is poor design, some poor decision making, and some is bias.

This following is a list of what I consider the worst. Due to this, one is not allowed to communicate with anyone who is more than 14 years younger or older. This is bias, also known as age discrimination and leads to people lying about their age. Secret list of taboo words - there is a list of words someone decided were "vulgar", and will keep messages from being sent, stop your profile from getting approved or even have your account flagged.

This, in and of itself, is not problematic, but the fact that this list is not available to reference, is. This is a care of bad design and decision making. Different criteria as to what is acceptable in a profile is based on gender - it seems there are different criteria as to what you can say in your profile, depending on whether you are male or female.

If you are female, you can state openly that you are looking for sex or drugs, etc. This is case of bias and sexual discrimination.

What it is looking for is not disclosed, but if it finds what it is looking for, it will delete your profile. Worst of all, you will not be notified as to why and once deleted, your profile is gone forever. This is bad design. Deleting unread messages - members can delete unread messages. POF tells its members to be nice, but then lets members delete initial messages without even opening them. Since most members what more than short initial messages, this allows for very rude behavior, since someone spent time and effort composing a nice introductory message, just to have a shallow member delete it without looking at it.

This is bad design and decision making. Blocked profiles show up in search results - POF includes profiles you have blocked in your match results. There are reasons members block other member's profiles, yet POF puts them in search results, and this allows for the member who blocked the profile to try to write to it again, just to get a message saying this profile is blocked - what a waste of time.

Nothing indicating message was not sent - unless you check sent messages, you will not know if your message was sent or not. If you have a taboo word see above in an initial message you are sending, POF will not send it and does not notify you that it was not sent. Also, if your message is not sent, it is also deleted so that having one taboo word in a message could cost check this out lot of time and effort that was put into that message and will have to be duplicated.

No way to contact customer service unless logged in - the link to customer service is not available unless a member is logged in. This means, if a member's profile gets deleted for some reason, there is no way for that member to contact customer service, since they cannot log in if their profile has been deleted. No category for cheaters - POF has no place for cheaters to put their profiles, which means they have to list them with the non-cheaters.

If POF had a category for cheaters to list their profiles, it would cut down members that are not interested in cheaters having to deal with the cheaters.

Three month minimum premium membership - POF does not have a one month premium membership. I bet you can guess why. It is not for the convenience of its members. It is only a way of increasing profits - shame on POF.

All I can say to this one is "greedy". I could go on, especially about how lacking POF is when it comes to dealing with scammers and spammers, but I think what I have listed is enough. The sooner people quit wasting their time astrology making sites match free this site, the sooner this site will either take the steps to remedy its shortcomings or cease to exist.

Either would be better than what they have going now. POF has, as one of many features, a setting plenty of dating website prevent messages from people not fitting certain criteria.

I understand the reasoning and am ok with it. The problem comes when a member chooses to send an indication that I am liked by them. I go to message them back and find I am blocked. POF should I indicate to the other person that she has me blocked by her settings. Then give her an option to allow me to contact her. If she says no I will never successful gay dating apps anything about it. If she says yes her setting regarding me is overridden and we can proceed read article communication.

Very frustrating as I have received several of these indications likes and cannot respond. And it does not serve her desire. She will never know and will just think I am not interested. In 2 days of signing up on this site I received more fraudulent interest than real interest.