Checking the score board after a game its easy to see the problem there as well. Players' failure to do so, such as defenders allowing themselves to be defeated without calling for help, is often the direct cause of a team's failure. Random being pugs. This has several drawbacks, most notably that it reduces the overall pool of players for BGs. No flaming, trolling or disrespectful comments to others. The resource management, the dodge mechanic and positioning being the most important factors in determining your skill is what really brings this game to life for me. Hang in there, man. The presence of more players of one team than the other at a base will slowly cause the base to be captured.


Flair brought to this subreddit courtesy of artist Okiir. The moderation team and community utilizing reddiquette work together to create a respectful community where opinions about the game can be discussed. To that end we have the following rules for participation:. To mark something spoilers for story or other relevant purposes , use the following format exactly as it appears:. Violation of the Rules is best addressed using the Report function. Please use it. As an avid MMO player, the main appeal to playing these types of games was whether there would be an active pvp community with game modes that pits us against other players to prove our skill and how to improve. I've played wow religiously for high rated 3v3 arena to great success most of my adolescent years and early adult life, but the game has consistently been dying down and the game is just not as enjoyable as it once was. Which is why I was beyond thrilled when ESO released Battlegrounds, I felt it was a move in the right direction that opens the door to other pvp projects in the future. Now before I go on, please understand that I very rarely take to these kinds of platforms, I do not use any form of social media and tend to let things pan out through others This is my first time going out of my way to voice my thoughts that a lot of others share. Now before I bore you with my demands for an arena style pvp format, let's first address the obvious flaws in battlegrounds, deal with what we currently have rather than what potentially may never come to be. A: The leaderboards have got to be the worst system in place of any ranking system I've seen for any MMO in terms of pvp. A player should not be rewarded for grinding only Getting on the leaderboards if you only spam que BG's is not a true reward, it's basically saying wanna be on the leaderboards?

Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr ru. Battleground matchmaking in its current state is Prev 1 2 Next Go. The matchmaking for bgs is complete garbage since bxttleground patch. Please improve the following points: Wait times are over 30 minutes per game for veterans. Solo players still getting matchmakimg against premades. Groups are not filled with 4 players MMR and matchmaking not fully explained in the patchnotes. The first step: explain your masterpiece of matchmaking system to your paying playerbase so we can give proper feedback To be honest for a dev team with your experience and a studio with that much money Sure there were matches where one team might dominate, but for the most part games were balanced enough for the 3 team setup.

Just having insta-queues makes up for one or two bad matches. I really don't see the point in mucking up the system like they did. Going from insta- Q times to anything more than random battleground matchmaking minutes will just drive down interest from anyone except the hardcore. IT will battlegrouhd the player pool and you'll end up with more premade matches than before.

June The first thing they could have done to improve the system is seperating premade and solo queues completely I guess they where afraid to few players queue for premade then and no premades get invites. It would have still been better than what we have now. Pitting premades against solo players is always wrong! Edited by Veo on June 8, PM. And now we have this. This waiting times are ridiculous. No wonder no one wants to play bg atm. The game sucks so hard since last patch.

Yeah I battelground get matched up vs 2 premade mtachmaking meanwhile my team is filled with solo que and a lot of times people at under cp that die easily because they dont have no gear at that point yet.

Last patch was amazing for bgs. This patch they are absolute trash. Kinda sad tbh. Beyond the bad balance it's awful too. And the worsened premade MM. Just separate the queues. MagDK main. Just here to concur. Queues should be separate, full stop. If you queue up with even one other person, you wait till it matches you with another set of 2. So I have to disagree with this whole BGs matchmaking takes too long. If my queue goes for 5 minutes, I leave the queue then rejoin.

Am I exploiting something? Or is the queue just laggy and broken? In a time sensitive game, being stuck in a queue for minutes is a go here breaker for winning. This leading you into another minute load screen. My only issue is being placed against premades who know exactly what theyre doing. The 4 sites free berlin warlords in full impen battlegroudn the sword and shield Dragonknight dps cheese.

They might as well force players to not already be in a group if they want to queue, since trying to separate premades and solos would be too difficult. That's not sporting. If teams were matched evenly starting out, on a level playing field read even team selectionthat would be sporting. What you're describing isn't that.

Grinding just make you go in circles. Asking ZoS for nerfs is matchmakinf stupid as asking for close air support from the death star. IDK I played BGs for 3 hours yesterday on 3 different characters and all the matches were close and pretty even.

This was solo queue. And there weren't random battleground matchmaking blowouts from grenades just stomping everyone. RIP BG. How does one become a veteran BG player? My main is Grand Overlord read more alliance rank but I haven't done a super huge number of BG, and so far I've been queued against a huge wealth of players.

Also I'd like a definition on "premades". It's so hard to tell since many people are good at sticking together and coordinating, the only thing I can see is if random battleground matchmaking notice 4 people on the same team match after match.

Usually I notice two people at best like that. In the last 2 days ,atchmaking Played 9 won 2 - seems nothing has changed for random BGs' 1 team always walks it. If you're good at PvP AND have played a lot of BGs on your character, then you'll hate the new system because it will make you wait a VERY random battleground matchmaking time before giving you a match, force you to fight premades, or both.

It really really sucks to be a high MMR solo queuer right now. You get link always be the one fighting the premades, and you have to wait a long time to do it. If you're low MMR More bgs Wins before summerset and since summerset impossible to match a bgs on console.

Ever the same random players who match. Never say die! April 6. You can not queue if you are in a group. So why are we complaining about pre-mades? The way matchmaking works, as far as I can tell. To balance a high MMR player, it only needs to balance 1 more high mmr player for each team, and then fills out with all the players that just want dailies done or whatever.

If you are waiting for more than 10 mins the queue is bugged and you should reset it. Trials and Cyro are pretty broken and causing a lot of people to lose faith in the games future.

Sure there are rare instances of a skill needing more than one press, but overall, the games are more balanced and performance randok. Random battleground matchmaking since beta, and then on console at release, until the game became unplayable on console.