Globalization, democratization and Asian leadership: power sharing, foreign policy and society in the Philippines and Japan. Samakatuwid, tinig nila tayo. Sa loob ng Kongreso, tahasang ipinakita ng mga kongresistang Makabayan ang pagtuligsa kay Aquino, bagay na lalong tumampok dahil sa agarang pag-boo ng mga alyado ng pangulo. Ang simulang plano ay salakayin ang Malacanang Palace at dakpin si Marcos. Mar Roxas sa eleksyong Simply put, we needed to buy time for our structural reforms to start paying dividends. We do, however, have a dire need to improve our intelligence, logistics, and communication services.


Talumpati ng Kagalang-galang Benigno S. Tagapangulong Virgilio S. Almario; Father Jett Villarin; mga kinatawan ng Kalupunan ng Komisyoner ng Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino; mga kasaping akademiya at mga non-government organization—na hindi pa na-translate—na narito; mga kawani ng pamahalaan; mga kagalang-galang na panauhin; mga minamahal ko pong kababayan:. Isa sa mga tanong na bumagabag sa dating Pangulong Manuel Quezon noong panahon ng Commonwealth ay ito: Oras na magbalik sa Estados Unidos ang mga Amerikano, at makamit ng Pilipinas ang kalayaan, at wala na muling paghuhugutan ng dahilan ang mga Pilipino para lumaban at magkaisa para sa iisang layunin, ano pa ang magbubuklod sa ating bansa? Ang sagot dito: isang wikang pambansa. Sa halip na magkanya-kanya bilang Tagalog, o Bisaya, o Cebuano, o Ilokano, o Kapampangan, kikilalanin sila—kikilalanin tayo—sa ilalim ng iisang pangalan: Pilipino. At gaano man karami ang ating isla, pagbubuklurin tayo ng isang tinig, ng isang wika: Filipino. Mula sa proklamasyon nito bilang wikang pambansa noong , wala pa ho ako noon, [ laughter ] ewan ko lang si Father Jett dahil lamang siya sa akin ng kaunti, [ laughter ] dumaan sa mabagal at masalimuot na yugto ang Filipino bilang wikang may kakayahang pagkaisahin ang bansa. Marahil, kung wala pa ang mga gurong tulad ni Ginang Escasa, na talagang hinasa kami sa silid-aralan sa wastong paggamit ng Filipino, malamang ay kanina pa ako natitisod sa maraming salita, at hindi na ninyo ako inimbita sa pagtitipong ito. Ang nakakabahala, sa halip na pagmulan ng kolektibong dangal, nagiging bukal pa ng alitan ang wikang Filipino. Personal ko itong nasaksihan noong bagong halal pa lamang akong kongresista.

President of the Senate; Mr. Speaker of the House of Representatives; best dating sites in hungary of both Houses of Congress; the Vice President and members of the Cabinet; the Chief Justice and the associate justices of the Supreme Court; Your Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen:.

He exposed the conspiracy to place the country under martial law, dissolve the Congress, and set the stage for the unremitting plunder of our patrimony and the degradation of our great name and honor. The route to these chambers was long and difficult, fraught with danger and paved with sacrifice.

The electoral contest just completed has been exacting for all and bitter for some. But the nation has spoken. We have been made instruments of this will. Twelve percent of the labor force, nearly 2. And pangulobg to now,join the labor force every year. Real per capita income had been set back 10 years. Poverty blighted the land. Dictatorship had done nothing but make more of our people poorer. It also made us sicker.

The prevalence of malnutrition among our young and the incidence of birth cannot dating questions to ask guy congratulate had risen at alarming more info. In short, I inherited an economy in shambles and a polity with no institutions save my presidency to serve as the cornerstone of the new democracy that we set out to build.

I had taken the oath to be president of a country that had lost everything, everything but honor. With that honor came a renewed faith in national leadership and in the ability of our race to change things for the better given the will and the courage to do it. I responded with an economic reform program aimed at recovery in the short, and sustainable growth in the long run. I inherited an economy in shambles and a polity with no institutions save my presidency to serve as the cornerstone of the new democracy that we set out to build.

The first is its comprehensiveness with respect to structural reforms. We have come to regard sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino scope of reform not as a problem, but as a challenge, as necessary as it is ambitious; sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino as realizable as the strength of our commitment allows. The second basic feature is its reliance on the private sector to carry the main burden of growth.

Our premise is that, for as long panguling free market forces dictate the dynamics of the business environment, the private sector will respond aggressively. The dictatorship gave special privileges to government corporations and select individuals.

They distorted check this out and factors of production. And they bore the aspect of legitimacy that made challenge and change impossible.

We abolished these monopolies and special privileges and the effect was felt almost immediately. We trace in part the renewed vigor in agriculture and the general economy to these and similar measures. We removed price controls which had been an almost permanent fixture of the past regime. We instituted tax reforms to shelter the poor from onerous taxes and equitably redistribute the tax burden.

Recession hit the international economy in the early eighties. Every economy suffered, but the heaviest toll was taken on the fragile economies of the developing nations. One of the worst hit was coraazon own. Conceived to either sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino pockets or inflate egos, these projects would never contribute to the repayment of the debt. The domestic structural reform program we have initiated cannot be pursued in earnest unless the necessary financing is made available.

Fresh funding is needed to effect adjustments in the industrial structure, to assist new ventures, and to support our social programs. This funding cannot come from the domestic economy.

Low domestic incomes cannot generate the required savings. Meanwhile, debt service was taking half our export earnings. Rescue could only come from foreign sources, both official and private. The program required a reduction in our debt burden and increased support from bilateral slna multilateral institutions.

Simply put, we needed to buy time for our structural reforms to start paying dividends. And time is money. While a fool and his money are easily parted, we have discovered that our foreign creditors are not such great as the past leadership of our country.

It sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino my sad duty to pangulkng to you that the results of the recently concluded debt renegotiations are far short of our expectations and, more importantly, of our urgent needs. Let me put it bluntly. The saga of democracy had made great television, but no appreciable change on their business priorities.

A discipline we had readily accepted. Incredibly, despite the significant reduction dzting country risk effected by the democratic restoration, we were not accorded the terms given other countries, which got longer periods, better rates, and greater latitude for growth. We cannot help but feel that our foreign more info took undue and unfair advantage of the internal difficulties we have with factions intent on subverting this government and destroying our democracy.

Their private risk would have to become our public liability. We do not bow our heads in shame, for the shame is not ours. The bottomline, honorable members of Congress, is that we have been left little room for domestic error. It is for this reason that I have yielded more to prudence than desire in the reform measures I have enacted. I have aimed for modest successes to avoid a comprehensive failure. Still, despite our disappointments in this sector, I am pleased to report certain healthy signs in the economy.

GNP posted a modest growth at 1. Exports posted a volume growth of To be candid, as we must always be, fortuity can account for promotional for dating sites improvements as much as the reform measures we had taken.

For the low 0. Our estimate of first quarter GNP is 5. The exchange rate remained relatively stable. What is important is that this time it is not the world market but a reinvigorated domestic economy that is paving the way to recovery. The current budget has a definite bias for sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino care, education and social services expenditures.

Some 6. Some 5. Forwe have made P4. Ji price of security and national honor, no less than liberty, is eternal vigilance. And that too has a price. Our country is threatened by totalitarian slavery on the Left and reversion to fascist terror and wona on the Right. Meanwhile, the bottom is threatened by secession. Panngulong the bomb-shattered reviewing stand of our military academy, I vowed to end all threats to our democracy by the end of my term.

We shall nni good on that pledge. Meanwhile, it should be clear by now that no one in these struggles has had a monopoly of anguish and no one in these debates datig had a monopoly of moral insight.

It is in that light that we ventured to settle these issues outside the battlefield. The application of force will be as effective as it is judicious. The operational thrust of our Armed Forces is predicated on deterrence, preemption, and dqting. But the question is: Can we execute? If we have come to ask our soldiers to do battle to secure our way of life, then we have an obligation to equip them sufficiently for the fight.

Having exhausted the avenues of negotiation, we have armed them with the right. Now we must complete the complement with the material, organizational, and physical wherewithal to accomplish the task. We have directed our immediate attention towards strengthening the chain of command, reinstilling discipline within the rank and file, and upgrading morale in the Armed Forces. We have placed renewed emphasis on training—on the physical and mental readiness of the troops.

Area Unified Commands have been established to facilitate force augmentation and complementation within and across the major services, particularly in areas where military operations are either imminent or ongoing. We do, however, have a dire need to improve our intelligence, logistics, and communication services. Given our limited resources, we must improve our ratio of patrols to contacts, and our capability to maximize such combat opportunities as present themselves.

We therefore need ordnance platforms cating air transports for ground support, troop mobility, and medevac. We need a truly effective navy to secure our coastlines against fresh infusions of arms to rebel or fascist forces, and to punish any further attacks on our territorial honor and integrity, especially in the south.

Soha Armed Forces are asked to do more for less. We have been able to afford this reduction because of the moral victory we gained in the February revolution. Given corqzon realities of our finances and our priorities, we will continue to press for efficiency in the Armed Forces. But we will need a sober assessment of adequacy. Some will say that force does not address the roots of insurgency.

But such measures also need time to bear fruit; dating started just for birthday you boyfriend gifts that only feats of arms and negotiating from strength can buy us. We have chosen to pangluong upon our capability to effectively manage force not so that we who desire peace could wage war, but rather so that those who would war upon us will realize, by the deadliness of our riposte, the virtues of peace.

I have spoken of our problems and I have sketched our programs, some of which have already borne old woman free dating results. A more detailed report will be submitted to this Congress.

Succeeding messages to Congress will convey the legislative agenda of my administration, particularly the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, whose Congressional complement is eagerly awaited. In deference to the Congress, Executive Orders issued last week have 1-year, day, and day effectivity dates.