Speed dating in Leicester is an incredible opportunity to spend quality free time and go on several dates in just a few hours. Fat Cats , Leicester. Feel free to register your details with us to get notifications of upcoming events. At all of our Speed Dating events, you will meet lots of single people and have a date with each person. Events in Leicester are always attended by singles who are willing to meet their chosen one, build romantic relationships and find good friends. So where might you suggest for a romantic getaway? Wednesday 16th September.


Tuesday 8th September. The Drift - Ages Wednesday 9th September. Thursday 10th September. Friday 11th September. Tuesday 15th September. Wednesday 16th September. Milton Keynes. Having been established over 15 years, we offer a chance to meet face-to-face with like-minded single people to spark conversations with at speed dating events across the UK. Speed Dating has proven to be a successful, fun and exciting way to meet new people. Enjoy successful Speed Dating evenings around the UK and have a fun night and speed dating like-minded single people interested in meeting you. At all of our Speed Dating events, you will meet lots of single people and have a date with each person. Each date lasts four minutes, which is slightly longer than traditional speed dating, hence, Slow Dating! You may find these speed dating tips useful, and you should also know that all of our events are held in carefully chosen upmarket bars.

You could say dating has never been easier than in - with a swathe of suitors at our finger tips. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have made it pretty simple to put yourself out there.

People often moan that no one ever meets in real life anymore, but if you are looking to date, and someone doesn't just walk into your life, how do you put yourself out there to do just that? We are two single women in our 20s who have tried dating apps to varying degrees of success, and we're open to meeting new people.

So, we thought we'd try out the real life version of swiping left and right - speed dating. Speed dating company Ditch Or Date runs events across the country, and had one lined up in Leicester for people aged 22 to 32, that we could try out.

Every date I have been speed dating in leicester uk has originated on a dating app - a mix of dates from Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, but quite a few of them have been with people I already knew of or had mutual friends with. I want butterflies.

I want that I-hope-it's-him feeling when my phone goes off, and I just can't seem to get that through an app alone. I have quite a busy social life already so to fit in a date with a stranger seems like an effort. We turned up, got ourselves a drink, and introduced ourselves to the lovely host who took our speed dating in leicester uk. She gave us a sticker with our name and table number on it, and a sheet to fill out.

It had spaces for us to fill in our contact details, and boxes for the name of each man, their number, and comments about them. We took our seats at our tables - Katrina was number seven and Kerry was number six, and the men started to come round to us. You get four minutes with each person, and once the time is up, the host claps, and the man moves onto the next table.

You see half of the people, there is a half an hour break, speed dating in leicester uk then you talk to the remaining men. For each person you meet you read more off whether you want to date them, ditch them, or be their friend. At the end you hand your sheet into the host for them to work out who has matched, and you are contacted the following day and told if you've got any matches. Walking in was slightly nerve wracking.

Approaching the bar felt awkward, especially when Kerry bumped into someone she knew. But phew, we were all there for the same thing. Neither of us had high hopes of finding the one, but obviously we were open to the idea of leaving with butterflies after meeting someone special. There was time for mingling beforehand but we stuck with each other, slightly concerned we were about to spend an evening filled with awkward silences.

Sitting down at the start, I was definitely a bit nervous. But as soon as the first man sat down and we started chatting, I was enjoying the speed dating experience. It was pretty clear we didn't have much in common, but in my mind disaster really struck when he asked me what I do for a job. He straight away asked me if I was doing an 'investigation', and if I was writing about speed dating.

I was busted. That was okay, he'd caught me out, dating purses I wasn't read article undercover.

I did end the chat feeling slightly wound up though - top tip for anyone dating, criticising your date's job doesn't exactly make them enjoy speaking to you. From there, the only way was up. I had some pleasant conversations with some people I'd have probably never met otherwise. The same conversations about what jobs we did, where we were from, and whether we'd done speed dating https://domentri.xyz/articles/online-dating-free-in-delhi.php, did become a little stale, but it can't really be helped.

After hearing about some of the wacky questions other girls were asking, I decided to up my game and add in a slightly different question. Unfortunately I didn't up my game much, and asked them what their favourite biscuit is, which is my go-to Bumble opener. However, I was impressed with the reactions to my biscuit chat. Apart from the man who left me almost speechless when he said he didn't really eat biscuits, and didn't really like chocolate, most of them seemed keen to discuss my favourite topic.

I got a Blind Date-style reply from one man who said his was dating site personal statement Nice biscuit "because I'm so nice", and another man was absolutely horrified that my favourite is a chocolate malted milk - I think it put him off me completely.

One conversation left me feeling intrigued, and I think I might need to carry out an experiment. The biscuit chat led to chocolate bar chat. Mostly the dates were just nice, funny conversations, that I enjoyed, but didn't really leave me feeling like I wanted more.

That's not the fault of the people I was speaking to, I'm sure they probably felt the same about me - there just wasn't that spark. All nerves vanished as soon as the first date sat down.

He was lovely. In fact, the room was full of really nice guys. Repeating your age, job, and hobbies became a tad exhausting after a while so I resorted to a quick fire round of questions to cover these. Then we could spend more time on just click for source quirkier questions you might encounter online.

One date had a very clear criteria for future partners. Dates must like holidays, must like family, and must like friends not the TV show, just, friends to be in with a chance of being the one for him. Another seemed to be interested in networking to begin with. It was then time for a break.

Most of us gathered at the bar and we got talking to some of the other girls. We had a great time discussing our dates and giving each other a heads up of what to expect next. During the next half of the night I got to know some interesting characters: a ballroom dancer, a writer, a filmmaker, and a rock star. Our investigation, as he called it, ended up being outed to the organiser who seemed very happy to hear there would be a write up.

His eye contact, relaxed attitude, and passion for his job made him someone I would like to get to know more. I had a great time. I just love a chat, so speed dating is right up my street. It was definitely an experience, and a fun night out with Kerry. I would per cent recommend speed dating if you are someone like me who really enjoys going on dates. If you like getting to know new people, and are open to putting yourself out there, then I think it is a learn more here way to spend an evening.

I did meet click at this page I found interesting, and there was definitely a spark there. Four minutes doesn't give you very long to assess how things will work out, but it was a match so it's good to know he thought there was dating in akron oh potential there too. He has since sent me a really lovely message, so I guess we'll just have to watch this space I hoped that speed dating would give me the opportunity to feel an instant connection with someone, rather than a match that I might forget about once I have left the app.

I am still yet to find that connection, but I am link more willing to give online dating a real go. I now have a lot more hope for my right swipes. My mum might get that grandchild after all. First impressions do count, but four-minute impressions prove there really is a lot more to people than you might first expect. The real success of the night for me though had to be the matches made between the girls.

It was good to bond with other single girls who all had similar online dating experiences and opinions. I would encourage speed dating for any single man or woman. The whole experience was a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The next Ditch or Date speed dating event in Leicester is at the Queen of Bradgate on Wednesday, September 18 for people aged between 22 and News opinion.

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