Please do let me know if you find yourself in Washington DC. It does not make you a member or client of Linx, nor does it guarantee you any introductions or invitations beyond the opportunity to get to know us better. The event was in a pretty small space, so it was very intimate, and the crowd seemed to be everything that Linx promises — beautiful, successful and jet setting I met two people who had flown in just for the party. People start cuddling and making out. The problem is that the culture of sexual adventurism now permeating Silicon Valley tends to be more consequential for women than for men, particularly as it relates to their careers in tech. She thinks through every detail and is truly passionate about helping people find love. They talk about diversity on one side of their mouth, but on the other side they say all of this shit. Ladies, it was literally ALL men.


The hotel opened four years ago on Sand Hill Road—a veritable venture-capital office park—near Woodside, home to many tech billionaires. Surrounded by three of the wealthiest Zip Codes in the country, its high-design interiors and higher-powered happy hours have given a county known for coding a new sense of cool. Halfway to the hotel, Rudolph pulls into Starbucks for his morning coffee. He has to ask. Rudolph is dumbfounded—yet aware of what the guy is talking about. He had begun to see a pattern developing. A steady flow of sky-high stilettos and colorful minidresses come in the front door. All head to the dark barroom to the left of the entrance. By eight P. After a drink or two, couples move away from the bar, getting cozy on benches by the fireplaces or under blankets and heat lamps on the deck. She tells me it all started when the local venture capitalists wanted to find somewhere to go for drinks after work. Men make up 89 percent of venture-capital-firm partners, according to a survey by the National Venture Capital Association and Dow Jones Venture Source, and a demographic of mostly male, wealthy, well-known businessmen began reliably showing up for happy hour. Thursdays were the most consistent night and colleagues from up and down the road congregated in the comfortable bar overlooking the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Silicon Valley scene is unique.

Linx is very grateful to the incredible staff at the Park James for hosting our group and for our exceptionally generous sponsor, Pernod Faiepouring amazing drinks all night. A certain celebrity guest graced the party named Li Lou the pig.

Why not throw a pig in the mix and shake up a traditional mixer and provide the ultimate ice breaker and reason to more info We received lovely emails from many guests after commenting on the evening:. Some of my guests flew in from Southern California, Texas, and Washington DC and arrived with an open-mind, open-heart, and approachable vantiy.

Everyone wore cocktail attire- the women looked beyond spectacular in satin dresses and heels and the men looked dashing in sport coats and slacks. After the event ended, around 20 of us went to a restaurant next door for more bites, cocktails, and conversation. Laughter filled the room and new and old friends continued to have fun till nearly 11pm. Some guests. The venue, food and drinks were all great, and I had fascinating conversations with several really interesting dting men and women alike.

The vanity fair silicon valley dating was in a pretty small space, so it was very intimate, and the crowd seemed to be everything that Linx promises — beautiful, successful and jet setting I met two people who had flown in just for the party.

Amy is an amazing host who flittered around vaanity party making introductions and making everyone feel comfortable and welcome…. Amy goes vantiy and beyond to make sure that every client and event is nothing short of exceptional.

She thinks through every detail and is truly passionate about helping people find love. A decade ago, I use to work for Amy; since then, I have been a fan of hers ever since. It is heartening to see her bring valleey countless couples to find their happily ever after. It was at a beautiful venue in San Francisco and was so tastefully put together. Amy is particular about the clients she represents and is very well connected in the Silicon Valley.

She is extremely professional and great at what she silixon. So awesome seeing you. Super super appreciate the invite!!! Such awesome people. And me too : Happy to help you source, have a ton of awesome single friends!! Thanks again! Met some cool people — grabbing drinks with name removed for privacy tomorrow. I had such a great time!

Amy did an amazing job. Venue was very cool. Participants were so different, but Amy helped to break the ice. Awesome networking, great connections! It was such a pleasure faif be a part of it! Interesting group vaniity people and fantastic venue. I had a good time meeting a bunch of folks there. You surround yourself with a great network of people. Kudos for organizing a lovely vannity I really enjoyed myself and so appreciated the opportunity to take part in the fun. In a good way — not a bad way.

I am a believer in the idea of allowing love and chemistry vanith build, but Lifehacker website know not everyone feels that way.

I personally enjoyed meeting vanity fair silicon valley dating men and chatted with few that appeared quite interested. I have cards from 5 vanity fair silicon valley dating Please do let me know if you find yourself in Washington DC. The drawbacks of being the boss…. If you would like to sating considered as a guest at our summer cocktail soiree in the San Francisco Bay Area please send an inquiry to Amy Andersen at: amy linxdating.

Vanity fair silicon valley dating Spring to all! Diaspora dating sites you are stumbling upon this site and blog for the first time and silion of what it is like to work with a professional matchmaker, seems carbon dating of fossil fuels apologise no further. Linx is an offline boutique curated dating and social network located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Founded by Amy Andersen inLinx has now vvanity matching high caliber, relationship-minded Bay Area professionals for more than a decade. Often prospects have read active searches on the Linx website and conclude because some of these select profiles describe representing young women that we must not work with women over Linx is responsible for creating truly a social phenomenon in Silicon Valley at the iconic Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel and the legend continues years later.

It seems like everyone has heard about the hotel and the dazzling Thursday night scene. Though our current focus remains on San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we represent eligible men and women across fqir U. S and daating the world. In fact, it is not uncommon for our clients to request that we conduct nationwide and sometimes even global searches as we help them in their quests to find true love.

These clientele silicin CEOs, founders, prominent public figures, financiers, and members of royal families. Beyond valey a matchmaking firm, Linx is also a robust network of highly educated Silicon Valley professionals. If you are new to Silicon Valley or the Bay Area and would like to make connections in a given industry or sector, this is a great way to network and expand your connections. In fact, though dating is our specialty, some of our most unexpected success stories have come from countless platonic social and business connections that can trace their origins to the broader Linx network.

There are no complex matching algorithms at Linx but there is a comprehensive proprietary database balley a human brain Amy Andersen that has interviewed every single one of the thousands of people in the database. We are datingg a very small team; our clients are not handed off to junior staff or assistants once we decide to work together.

Our approach to matchmaking is team-based, and remains so for the duration of our relationship. Silicoh Linx has been fortunate to receive regular inbound requests for interviews and other media coverage, we neither advertise nor retain a PR firm — we take tremendous pride in staying away from buying up expensive ads in glossy magazines and airline publications to market ourselves.

We simply do our jobs well, as the vast majority of new clients come to us through referrals from past and current clients. Our clients also appreciate our discreet approach to matchmaking, and value the importance we vanity fair silicon valley dating on their privacy. Client confidentiality is a core value at Linx, and we take the unusual step of not maintaining a cloud-hosted database. Linx is also unusual in that our matchmaking process is done client-to-client. We represent both men and women as clients, which is rare in an industry that tends to focus on men.

We find that vnity successful, well-educated men of Vaniy appreciate and value that women are equally committed to this process, and also financially invested; when both parties islicon an introduction with equal gravity, they tend to have afir respect for each other, and vally more open to the possibilities that can result.

Amy and I thought it would be a good idea to share answers to some of those frequently asked questions, just in case some of you have been curious about the same issues. A Premium client is someone who has hired us to find their ideal match. Xating person of either gender has signed up for a Silver, Platinum, or VIP membership, and is guaranteed an agreed upon number of introductions during the duration of their contract.

For Silver and Platinum clients, these introductions involve people already within the substantial Linx database. VIP clientshowever, are a bit different; VIP clients are Premium clients who often have extremely specific criteria these can be educational, ethnic, cultural, geographic, eating focused, or any combination thereof and so VIP clients have empowered us to search outside of our existing database and network to find their ideal match.

Information about active VIP searches can be found here. A Match Applicant is someone who has valley for an initial in-person consultation with Linx, and we have determined that they are highly matchable. A Match Applicant is someone we feel is truly looking for a vwlley, has realistic expectations based on their own age, experience, education, desires, etc. Simply put, no. The fee for an in-person consultation is strictly meant to compensate us for our professional time. It does silicoh make you a member or client of Https://, nor does it guarantee you vallry introductions or invitations beyond the opportunity to get to know us better.

We understand that some people think this is an unreasonable fee, but Linx is, at heart, a business. For Match Applicant candidates who are an obvious fit for one of our current Premium clients, we do often reach out within a few days of our meeting to explore the possibility of making an introduction. But in silifon cases we wait to hear from you.

If you want to hear from Linx, contact us. Despite the very deliberate nature of our process, we still value the element of surprise.

We want your first glimpse of your match to involve the thrill of discovery rather than the comfort of recognition. Plus, we find people are simply too judgmental. No, this is not true. But we also know the limitations just click for source our database, and we understand the dynamics of the local dating economy. It just created very unrealistic expectations and could lead to failure and disappointment.

Simply put, yes. We have a high rejection rate as we cannot link with everyone. Sometimes we encounter someone who is simply not a good culture fit, or perhaps is not comfortable with the Linx protocol vanity fair silicon valley dating general mission of our business. Enough said. Unfortunately, our database is limited in a vanity fair silicon valley dating that allows us to focus on same-sex relationships at this time.

That said, we do represent a small population of VIP bisexual clients who are interested in matches from both men and siliicon. Tickets link selling quickly, and we will hook up with me meaning be able to sell tickets at the door, so buy yours here. Attendance will be capped atand having fun is mandatory, so we hope to see you there!

Remember that our events are NOT limited to clients. So invite your friends, the more bad speed dating virginia beach thought merrier!

Talk about a nice payday.