Tori sighed. The very first day of me and Jade together. Jade was playing the accused which fitted perfectly as well. One to unfriend you. I quickly strolled out of her old-styled house, and hopped into my truck and zoomed down the street at 50 miles per hour. The girls were clearly confused and walked off reluctantly. She finally pulls away, but keeps our faces close. Jade's History Hope you liked it, still don't know if I'll turn this into more.


Okay, I just sow the new episode of Victorious, and a new story came into my head so,here we go! Wow, that all I can say is, wow. Me and Jade, singing together. It really was amazing,and I can tell she had a good time as well. Jade smiled, and, to my amazement, pulled me closer to her. I could feel her breath, smell the hour old coffee on her breath along with her cinnamon scented perfume. She put her hand in my hair and pulled my face closer to her's and… Kissed me! Oh my god, Jade is kissing me! I guess, now I better tell you guys the truth. I'm gay, pull out gay and I'm proud of it. I've always had a crush on Jade, even when she was dating Beck, but now I can cay I have fallen for the girl. The very first day of me and Jade together. I dress very nice today. My purple shirt, one shoulder out, black tank top strap out and green bra strap out, the shirt flowing under my chest. I wear my black skinny jeans and my boots.

Story Story Writer Forum Victorious fanfic tori and beck dating. The Best Bori and Jori Stories. Founder: Fiction girl 12 victorious fanfic tori and beck dating Stories: 43 - Followers: 12 - Staff: 1 - id: It was just Who's to say nothing can happen between two friends over an innocent little holiday hang out?

Rating may later change. After all, she was doing the same. Who could have left it there? Tightrope by dontyouwannadance reviews The sad fact of the matter was that click here music industry had morphed into something that was more about image than actual talent. That was the root of Tori's problem, and the reason that she needed Jade.

What happens when Jade and Tori are partnered together for another class at Hollywood Victorious fanfic tori and beck dating, only this time it's not stage fighting, it's stage kissing.

Will that line be crossed, or redrawn thicker than before? They're always fighting, even over the smallest of things. But then Tori's ex shows up at Hollywood Arts; and he's dating a girl named Melissa there. Tori tells him that dating pretoria dating someone new too. He invites her on a double date and now she's got a problem. She needs a date. Impossible Challenges by XxPrincessBubblesxX reviews To prove herself as a true actress, Tori must have to trick everyone into believing she's pregnant.

How will her friends dating site for carers her! Will Beck help Tori or stay loyal to Jade! How will Tori victorious fanfic tori and beck dating the pressure? Lots of romance and drama! In the midst of all this, they find themselves falling for each other. Will 'pretend' turn into reality? Bori fic. In His Shadow by LilPurpleMonkey reviews Beck was cast as a main character in a movie based off of a popular book series and has left Hollywood Arts and his friends behind.

Tori regrets not telling Beck how she feels about him before he left, she knows that once the movie comes out there will be no chance for them to be anything other than friends. She'll forever be in his shadow unless she can make it in Hollywood too.

Talent Enrichment by BoriUndercover reviews They say there's something special in everyone, that everyone can do something better than everyone else. Some people just need a little help figuring out what it is. Beck Oliver always felt that there was nothing special about him, but will that change when he joins the student exchange program and moves in with Tori Vega and her family and attends Hollywood Arts?

The Break Up by Kataang1 reviews Bori. Beck-Centric Beck loves Jade but does he love Tori more? Jade backed away from me.

Who do you want to be with me or Vega? Lost by xoAlmostFamous reviews In which Beck doesn't want to ask for directions, and Tori quotes quotes the movie Anchorman. Keep our secret safe Victorious by H2Ojustaddwatertales reviews Bori pairing- Beck is inconsolable and Tori wants to know why.

After feeling-revealing visit to the RV, Tori and Beck have to keep a secret. From everyone. But when Jade finds out, will Tori and Jade put their war aside to save Beck?

Nobody believes her and she thinks that she has gone crazy. Is she right? Later TorixBeck romance. Rated T. Reviews are welcome. Https:// is pregnant She and Beck can't wait for their new addition to their small family.

But what happens when Jade comes along to complicate everything. When forced to choose who will it be? When Beck and Tori meet again four years later, she has a small surprise for him, a four year old that looks a lot like Beck kind of surprise. Tori is in her junior year at Hollywood Arts University, but she forgot one of her general education classes: Acting On Stage When she meets a guy determined to drive her crazy there, what is the jaded beauty supposed to do?

Slight Bade, Jandre, and Cabbie. Of Rain and Hot Chocolate by lareinesombre reviews She was so beautiful with that silly smile on her face, a too large t-shirt hanging on her petite body, and her hair in a messy ponytail.

A pain in my A S S by alessandra reviews Tori is an only child and orphan of mother since she was two years old. Her father met a woman online and already carry as boyfriends over a year. Finally Tori's father and his girlfriend are getting married, just for a little detail, his dad's girlfriend has a son Beck and together they make their life impossible. Some are so deep and he ignored them they never healed properly.

The scars have been there as long as he can remember. He never expected to find someone that loved him and what he thought was the most tainted part of him.

Nor did he expect to fall so fast. Just a Little Trouble, Not! The full summary is in the story. We are once best friends by xxpurplebluexx opinion african dating agency consider Tori and Beck are best friends, they were insperable but the first day of high school changes that. The heartbreaking game by xxpurplebluexx reviews Beck is a player, a heartbreaker. After he was done with his recent target, Jade West.

He moved onto the next one, the new hot girl, Tori Vega. What he doesn't know is that Tori was hired by Jade to break his heart. Will Tori break his heart or will Beck break her heart first before she did? Or will they fall in love with each other and forget the heartbreaking game they started? Through Fire, Loses and Pain by o. Her other 'relatives' had no intention to take her in.

She meets a boy Beckett and his mom decides to take read more in, but only if she will become Beck's personal maid and stay by his side no matter how difficult the kid will become. As time passes, she slowly loses her emotions. Under one roof by Noitoire reviews Click and Beck have never met even once before, but their parents are great friends and for some odd reason they decide to move in with each other under one source. Even with two teenagers against their decision, they are not free dating any charges it.

What's even worse their parents are planning an engagement between the two teens, obviously they are absolutely against it. Terms of Service. So i think you'll like them.