At the mansion, Hope formed a close friendship with Justin. The two began dating and getting to know each other. Roman realized this was nothing by a schoolgirl crush, but Bo got very jealous. I don't plan on returning and popping in as others have done in the past. Hope blackmails Andre A furious Andre threatens to send Roman and Rafe to prison, but Hope blackmails Andre with the knowledge that he is Alfi, so Andre drops the charges. View Gallery. After reassuring him that she will support his decision, Bo chooses to leave the police force. Her attacks culminated with an attempted murder on Bo. Bo rushes over and confronts Stefano, however Stefano brainwashes Bo to be evil.


Dustin Cushman. Monday, June 22nd, Every weekday Days of our Lives viewers tune in to watch the antics of their favorite characters in Salem. June is also a popular month for weddings, both on television and in real life. There is no one reason that can be pinpointed on why the month is so popular to be married in. Some argue it is because the name of the month derives from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, and those married in this month would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. Others argue when bathing was something less practiced, people most usually bathed in June, when it was warm enough to do so, and thus with everyone squeaky clean it became the time to get married. Fortunately, states and industries are beginning to open back up, including the television and film industry in California. Days of our Lives could potentially adopt a similar measure. Days of Our Lives. Dustin Cushman Monday, June 22nd, Days of our Lives spouses could be called into action. View Gallery. The couple married after dating for nearly three years. Sanov is a California State Trooper.

Christine Fix. Tuesday, July 14th, Two actresses leaving their roles, one death, a please click for source crazy rumor mill is at it again! We may or may not have thrown a few spoilers in with the lot. Take a look, and let us know your thoughts either way. This leads us to another rumor about Eduardo. You might ask why. But why would Rolf bring Paige back?

Does he even know who she is? And could she be the one who dies? With Hope and Rafe spending so much time together, and Soaps. DiMera, but go here twin. In other rumors… everyone by now knows that Victoria Konefal is reported to be exiting Days of our Lives as Ciara Brady.

But what would make Ciara, who is more into Ben than any other couple on any other soap, leave him? In the past, when Ciara needed time to who is hope brady dating on days of our lives after Tripp dumped her, she ran off to Africa to see Theo. Or maybe this rumor is just that. The rumor surrounding Camila Banus leaving that we mentioned last month is picking up speed. Feel free to sign up to receive soap news, spoilers and casting notices in your inbox daily with Soaps. And take a look at the gallery of real-life partners from Days of our Lives cast members.

Days of Our Lives. Christine Fix Tuesday, July 14th, Revenge on Ben This leads us to another rumor about Eduardo. Camila Banus out The rumor surrounding Camila Banus leaving that we mentioned last month is picking up speed. View Gallery. The couple married after dating for nearly three years. Sanov is a California State Trooper. The couple has two children, son Benjamin and daughter Megan.

In the couple welcomed their daughter, Delilah Dattilo. Dattilo was previously married to Jessica Denay and they have a son, Gabriel. Gabriel high-functioning Autism and is involved with Autism charities and raising Autism awareness.

Michael Schwartz, a physician, have been married since Schillace is a make-up artist and has worked on Days of our Lives. The couple has two sons, Dillon Phoenix, and Jensen Gering. The couple also appeared together on E! She also appeared as Lisa in one episode of Days of our Lives in They have been please click for source since The couple also hosts a podcast together.

The couple recently became engaged in December of They enjoy spending time together go here one big extended family. In real-life, the couple tied the knot in They have been married since Image: Lamon Archey and Girlfriend. Daniel Jonas and Arianne Zucker Nicole Walker have been dating for several years now and live together.

Christian was previously married to Deborah Quinn from until and they have a son, Kameron Christian. When not acting, Martsolf is producing music with his band Counterpoint. Kouchak appeared in the film Beautiful. They have two children together, their son Henry and daughter Willa. Ashford was previously married to Christina Saffran Ashford, and they have two daughters, Grace and Emma.

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