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The study looks at over participants who selected the qualities they find most desirable in a partner. Those range from funny, to attractive, to thoughtful and inquisitive. The subjects then rated their desire for a relationship with people they know, like former blind dates, romantic partners, and friends. Initially, researchers found the group has a stronger attraction to people matching their ideal qualities. That is to say if Anne lists funny and attractive, the study finds Anne shows more desire for funny and attractive partners. Once the subjects looked at those qualities too, they showed more desire to be with people having these traits. In other words, if Julie says she likes people who are smart, Anne now starts taking an interest in smart people too. The study authors say this matchmaking mess often plays out in the online dating scene. Eastwick adds. The study appears in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Like studies?

Racial trauma resources. Budding entrepreneurs are nurtured at UC Davis. Campus Ready Video of Campus Ready. Getting Campus Ready. Watch More What's the Plan? UC Davis Athletics. Latest Majors Blog Posts. Join our alumni association. Ranked 1st globally for veterinary medicine. Ranked 5th nationally for public universities. Ranked 1st ravis in agriculture.

Picture UC Davis. UC Davis housing includes residence halls, Student Housing apartments, campus apartments and cooperatives. Use your unlimited access to the Activities and Recreation Center by keeping fit in group classes, dancing, martial arts, personal training, racketball and more. Explore acres of flora and fauna in the UC Davis Arboretum, including a secret garden near the horse barn and redwood grove. West Village qualifies as a Link Davis hot spot for transfer students.

Known for great pizza, Tex-Mex and specialty dvis, our CoHo is the place for meeting and eating — not to mention studying.

Study with friends or aite a class at the Student Community Center. You can gain leadership skills and learn about culture, identity and community. Our award-winning residential dining commons offers a delicious array of choices to suit all fling app dating, including vegan and vegetarian dishes. By joining Aggie Pack, you can participate in the largest university spirit organization in the nation and support your favorite teams.

Put on your pajamas for our Pajamarino and rally with the Band-Uh at the Davis Amtrak Station to welcome Aggie alumni before our uc davis dating site football game. UC Davis is a great place for sports. Our intercollegiate varsity teams, intramural sports and on-campus clubs deliver competition and fun. See More Facts. Explore Campus.