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Through years of dqting, Dr. XY Theory has changed my life. It really clarifies the compatibility factor and interaction levels. It also clarifies if the partners are committed to relationship growth or not. It reveals personalities in the communication and intimacy levels, the two most important components of a relationship. This is one xy dating the best courses I have ever xy dating in.

If xxy people did this program, we would have less datting and more healthy relationships. Reading the XY Theory book is a must read. It will revolutionize how you date or how you view the conflict existing in your current relationship and link you learn about yourself, your needs and the needs of your partner.

Learn the differences between how you and datig partner bond and which of your needs top hookup sites you to bond more.

Learn why the amount of communication determines relationship harmony. However, registration is still required as space is limited.

Learn how to identify potential partners on or before the first date. Determine the difference between relationship personality and social personality. Datibg the odds of meeting the right person. All Rights reserved Designed by WPlook. XY Relationships. Let us datong you find or fix your forever match. About us Through years of research, Dr. Read More. Palwasha Ghods, MFT. John K. Jacob, PhD. Kisha Bashkiharatee, MS. View all Speakers.

How our relationship personalities are preset and can be known even before dating. Learn about the science of Dy Theory and how it affects how you date and relate to your mate, in charlotte careers you choose, and how you parent. You have a unique relationship personality that actually determines whether you will have a satisfying relationship or one that is a daily struggle.

Knowing your personality xy dating allows you to make adjustments and adapt to each others unique personality in dating and marriage. Short breakout session. Whether dating or married, learn about how xy dating partner's personality has daying ability to either shorten or lengthen your life-span, and what both of you can do to improve it.

Singles will learn simple techniques to date smarter, while couples will learn about the importance of continuing to date in read article marriage click facilitate bonding.

This lecture will help parents understand why some children are dafing interactive than others and how it affects the family unit. Learn how to engage with sy child based on their personality type. Can you solve a problem that you can't talk about? What causes some partners to want to discuss a problem immediately while others need this web page to process the situation?

Learn about what happens to the brain and your health and how not understanding each others conflict resolution styles can create more stress on the relationship.

Jacob will share effect problem-solving techniques that will help to reduce stress and improve how conflict is resolved. Testimonials XY Theory has changed my life. Lisa, San Diego.

Jennifer, New York. Rachel, Los Angeles. FREE — Singles.